SFVEST March Birthday Party


Today is the company's birthday party.

We all gathered together to celebrate this special day.

In the past year, we have experienced too many storms.

But we have been united together and We have been working hard together for the development of the company.


This birthday party has many surprises, birthday cake, gifts, red envelopes ...... all the preparation is to send the most sincere blessings to the birthday girl in March. And more importantly, we shared this wonderful moment together and felt the warmth among all of us.





The whole venue was filled with a strong festive atmosphere, and everyone kept communicating and sharing each other's stories and emotions. Laughter came continuously and the scene was very joyful.


Although the pressure and busyness at work make our lives tired and lonely from time to time, here we accompanied, cared for and looked after each other, which made us feel that the world is still colorful.


During the birthday party, we learned that there were some employees who did a great job and were highly evaluated and recognized by the company and their colleagues for their outstanding performance at work.


After eating the delicious cake, everyone lined up to receive their birthday gifts


"Rice" means "money" in many parts of China, and the meaning of "sending rice" is to wish each other prosperous business and wealth.


Tasting the delicious cake with everyone

Time flies and happy times are always so short. I hope we can still gather here every year in the future to celebrate our birthdays together. In the days to come, we should continue to coalesce together and work together to achieve better goals and bring greater glory to our company.