SFVEST is Ready for the 133rd Canton Fair


As the epidemic improves, the first offline Canton Fair is going be held in three years. SFVEST is going to show you the new products and hope to talk to you face-to-face at this fair.

Since 1996, SFVEST has researched and developed many innovative techniques and designs, such as 3D Digital Design, Moisture Wicking Design, and etc. Based on these techniques and designs, SFVEST has continued to develop and manufacture many new products, such as High-Performance Safety T-shirt Construction Work (SFTE05), Customized Safety Cooling Padding Vest for Varies Work Protection (SFU18), and so on.

SFVEST is Ready for the 133rd Canton Fair

SFTE05 is an innovative safety T-shirt with a construction figure. Figures can be customized for various working scenarios, such as roads, forests, warehouses, and so on. Birdseye material with moisture-wicking properties and 5cm reflective tape enhances visibility. SFU18 is a cooling padding vest with solid fabric, which is reusable by the anti-microbial treatment to prevent mold build-up and unwanted smells. Its tapes are reflective to keep high visibility to ensure the safety of workers, and they are elastic to keep stretchability and comfort.

Looking forward to seeing you from May 1st to May 5th,2023, at Canton Fair, Booth#2.2F01-02.