Notes on Cycling


The Choice of Cycling Clothes

Whether you are riding in the city, or in the suburbs or rural areas, the choice of clothing is important. In addition to having the function of wicking and quick-drying, the cycling clothes in professional cycling competitions are usually brightly colored. In order to be noticed on the cycling road and to play a safety warning role, some cycling suits also have reflective strips.

In daily riding, we do not necessarily have to choose professional equipment, SFVEST recommends choosing safety clothing with reflective strips or reflective straps equipped with led lights for 360-degree enhanced visibility, even at night to ensure safety.


Compliance with Traffic Regulations

In modern society, more and more people are joining the cycling team, which shows that people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing, and green travel has become the choice of most people. However, safety first, SFVEST reminds you not to drink on the day of the ride, to abide by the traffic rules on the city roads, not to occupy the road, go against the traffic, overtake at will, run red lights, or weave between cars.


Pay Attention to Safety on Downhill

Riding in daily life can be leisure, low difficulty and effortless, sometimes encounter downhill speed increase, riding more effort, but then also more attention must be paid to control the speed, with the car in front and the car beside you to pull away from the staggered position, not just the pursuit of excitement, always pay attention to the front, the center of gravity to pull back. If the road conditions are poor, such as gravel, soft soil or gullies on the slope, as well as the slope. SFVEST recommends that you should get out of the car to push, to eliminate all the factors that can lead to accidents.