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Design and Develop

With 27+ years of experience serving over 100 countries worldwide, our design team is well aware of the needs of different markets and countries to ensure that the model fits your market niche.

Every year, we invest up to 10 million in R&D, such as new materials ,technologies and equipments. So far we have a team of more than 28 designers and have obtained more than 30 technology patents. That is the reason why we can launch 360 new products each year.

In addition, if you have any reflective clothing ideas, we will help you turn ideas into products and customize your brand style.

"Innovation is the source of a company's continued vitality. We must persist in innovation to create sustainable value for our customers. "

— Lock Wu, CEO of SFVEST



Reach out to SFVEST- we have the Largest Production Capacity for Reflective Clothing.

SFVEST provides premium OEM/ODM service that helps build your brand. Our wide range of customized services, advanced production facilities, and experienced teams will make you stand out in the local market.

Our four production bases across China and Myanmar boast advanced machinery and strict quality control. So we can complete your order in a short time with guaranteed quality.


Want to Be the Next Successful Brand?

SFVEST’s quality products and premium services make you stand out.