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Zhejiang "Pinzibiao"standard drafted by SFVEST was officially released

Release time ● 2022-03-28
Good News! Zhejiang "Pinzibiao"standard drafted by SFVEST was officially released
Zhejiang reflective clothing industry enters the ranks of "Pinzibiao"

Recently, Zhejiang Brand Building Federation officially released the standard of High Visibility Reflective Clothing for Professional Use, numbered T/ZZB2648-2022, marking that Zhejiang reflective clothing industry has entered the ranks of “Pinzibiao”.

This time, Zhejiang SFVEST Security Technology Co., Ltd. was the main drafting unit of the "Pinzibiao" standard.It is another important standard led by SFVEST, after it participated in the drafting of the national standard for protective clothing GB20653-2020. And the drafting of"Pinzibiao" standard consolidates SFVEST’s position as the reflective clothing industry leader.

What is the “Pinzibiao” standard?

"Pinzibiao" standard is the benchmark of advanced manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province. It has become an effective measure to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province

The "Pinzibiao" standard is based on the principle of "superior to the national industry standard and meeting international standards". This integral standard system consists of the elements such as elaborate designs, excellent material selection, precise manufacturing and service, which cover the whole life cycle of products.

Many experts have participated in the formulation of the standard,such as technical experts, upstream and downstream enterprises, domestic and foreign customers, inspection and certification experts. And the standard covers the whole process of R & D, raw material control, production process, product performance control and after-sales service.