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SFVEST provides relief to the Red Cross

Release time ● 2022-06-23

Recently, many cities in our country have been struck by the outbreak of covid-19. To help them recover from the risk, SFVEST has donated a large amount of essential supplies to the Red Cross. As a responsible company, we will continue to provide relief to these cities, and firmly believe every thing will be fine.

As covid-19 is increasingly striking our cities, every member of communities makes up a cohesive group. We stand together, to keep our life in order, to share our common joys and griefs, and to win this battle without gunpowder. As a member of our society, SVFEST will always take responsibility to support our communities.

SVFEST sincerely hopes that we can invigorate new vitality to our life, restore our prosperous city streets, and overcome the pandemic together.